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Top 7 nursing sports bras for running

Collection of Top Sports Bras for Nursing and Running

Getting back into running following the birth of a baby can be daunting. Your body has changed and suddenly you may find yourself needing extra support in places you didn’t before! Plus, you now need to feed this hungry baby of yours at any inconvenient time.

Us mothers know that it’s no fun having to take off layers of sweaty clothes to feed your baby close to your even sweatier skin.

If you thought finding the right stroller for running was important, having the right nursing sports bra for quick and easy access can also make your life so much easier!

We’ve chatted to a group of different moms who all do varying levels of exercise from intense running to yoga and completed our own online research on what’s currently available. Here are our results!

Why should you invest in a nursing sports bra?

Nursing sports bras for breastfeeding mothers are important because:

  • You can easily feed your baby without having to remove your sports bra!
  • Your breasts change significantly from pregnancy to postpartum and many nursing bras are designed with adjustment to accommodate this
  • With no underwire, a well-fitting nursing bra can be more comfortable than others and you’ll want to wear it all the time!
  • They are designed for nursing and are less likely to cause mastitis or other breastfeeding worries.

How can you tell if your sports bra fits correctly?

Studies show that 90% of women aren’t wearing the right sports bra size!

  • Waist band – should feel snug but not tight, and sit level around your torso.
  • Straps – should sit comfortably on your shoulder without slipping or digging in. With resistance, you should be able to fit two fingers between your strap and skin for a good fit.
  • Cups – should sculpt to your breasts with no overflow or gaps. If your breasts have extra room inside, the size is too large. If your breasts overflow at the top or sides, the size is too small.

Finding a right fitting nursing sports bra can be challenging, but persevere with trying on different sizes and styles. Trying in store where you can get properly fitted by a specialist is a good idea. Alternatively, only buy online where you can return if the bra does not fit you.

Remember that not all brands or styles will suit your personal body type.

Not all brands will suit your personal body type. Here are our top picks for popular running bras for breastfeeding mothers:

Best Overall

1. Sweat and Milk Venice High Impact Nursing Sports’ Bra

Woman wearing Sweat and Milk Sports Bra


  • Specifically designed for high impact activities including running
  • Adjustable straps designed to accommodate hourly changes in the breasts due to breastfeeding.
  • Suits sizes up to G
  • Easy to flip clips for one handed nursing
  • Also designed for hands-free pumping


  • Does run large, so make sure you measure properly before purchase
  • Mothers report the holes to hold hands-free pumps are slightly too large, which may be annoying if you intend to use it for pumping too.

Runner Up!


  • Pull-up, Pull-down technology – no clips, zips, or Velcro. Pull up the outer layer for easy nursing access
  • Buttery soft fabric
  • So easy to take off when wet and sweaty!


  • Soft fabric may not provide enough support for larger busted runners

Our other tried and tested options that make the top 7:


  • Very comfortable for running and everyday wear
  • Suitable for larger busted women as it is also available in plus sizes
  • Easy one-handed pop clips for quick nursing
  • Can convert to racerback style with easy hook and loop


  • Some mothers found the straps could be more adjustable
  • Some found the back hook to squeak when wearing!


  • Wide straps with racerback
  • Easy one-handed clips for nursing
  • Can be worn with regular clothes
  • Breathable and cool


  • Largest size is DD, and may not be high impact enough for runners in sizes past C
  • Fixed racerback style can be hard to get on and off, especially when sweat


  • Zip front allows quick and easy access for feeding
  • Designed for running
  • Looks sporty and fun!


  • Not specifically designed for nursing
  • Need two hands to zip up bra after feeding
  • Only up to size E
  • Non adjustable back straps
  • Expensive


  • Easy one-handed nursing access
  • Reduces bounce and side movement when running
  • Can convert to racerback
  • Can be used as pumping bra
  • Suits larger busted women


  • Flexi underwire can be uncomfortable
  • Sizing can be tricky, make sure you measure before purchase
  • Back hooks can be tricky to do up


  • Mothers love this for support in high impact workouts
  • Easy one-handed nursing access
  • Back can convert to racerback style
  • Very adjustable
  • Comfortable to wear all day


  • Can be difficult to put on with the straps in racerback/criss-cross design

Some of our mothers who have larger busts also recomend pairing your sports bra with a singlet that has an inbuilt shelf bra to help reduce bounce significantly. This can make nursing a little more difficult as the singlet  needs to be lifted above the bra, but that’s the trade-off for no bounce hey?

We hope you found this guide helpful to help you find the best sports bra for your breastfeeding and running journey. If you’d like to suggest your own favourite bra, please send us a message! 

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