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Review: Using the Baby Jogger Summit X3 Stroller For Running

For reasons I’ll never know, the Summit X3 Jogging Stroller isn’t at the top of the results page when you search “best strollers for jogging.” Yet, it is one of the best-rated running strollers, and delivers capability likened to Thule and BOB brands at a fraction of the price.

I don’t want any mom looking for the best stroller for jogging to miss out on the Summit X3 by Baby Jogger.

A few standout perks of the Summit X3 include:

  • Superior all-wheel suspension guarantees­ a smooth ride for baby over bumpy terrain.
  • Fast-fold technology makes the Summit X3 easy to store.
  • It’s a more affordable option for quality comparable to higher-priced Thule and BOB models.

For me, this jogging stroller has been a 10/10 during long runs on all sorts of pavement, while doubling as my everyday stroller that maneuvers around grocery store aisles, tight-spaced clothing racks, restaurants, and doctor’s offices.

Here’s why I recommend the Summit X3 as running stroller and everyday stroller.

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Baby Jogger Summit X3 Stroller by lake with canopy down

Summit X3 Jogging Stroller Review

Capability as a jogging stroller: 10 
Ease of Use: 9  
Rolling Resistance: 8.5  
Compactness: 7.5  
Robustness: 10  
Style: 9  
Safety: 10  
Value for money: 9


  • Superior suspension
  • Quick to fold
  • Affordable
  • Seat lays flat
  • Can use with travel system for baby


  • Handlebar doesn’t adjust
  • Harness height on seat is tricky to adjust
  • Stroller caddy and car seat adaptors are sold separately

Why I Bought the Summit X3 Jogging Stroller

My main reasons for purchasing the Summit X3 include:

Works Seamlessly as an Everyday Stroller

The Summit X3’s design enables it to perform beautifully as a regular stroller through day-to-day errands. Helpful features include:

  • Narrow frame to fit through slender doors and tight aisles.
  • 1-handed maneuverability.
  • Large undercarriage stores groceries, a hefty diaper bag, or other necessities.
  • 1-step fold
  • Is compact enough to store in the back of my Honda Fit.
  • Travel system compatibility lets me transfer my baby in and out of the jogger without removing her from her car seat.
SummitX3-in trunk-removed wheels

The Summit X3 folds perfectly to fit into a small car trunk

Travel System Compatible to Run with Baby before 6 Months

The Summit X3 is travel system compatible with the purchase of car seat adaptors. A travel system lets you click an infant car seat onto your stroller’s frame.

Most jogging strollers require car seat adaptors to make it safe to run with baby before they are 6 months old.

Baby Jogger running strollers can be converted into travel systems to accommodate most car seat brands.

Before purchasing car seat adaptors for your Summit X3, make sure you get the correct ones for your infant car seat.

Amazing Suspension and Shock Absorption

The Summit X3 Jogging Stroller is among the top-rated when it comes to handling bumps in the road without endangering your precious cargo.

Because I planned to run with my baby as soon as my doctor gave the okay, all-wheel suspension was a non-negotiable feature.

The Summit X3’s excellent suspension keeps the ride smooth and safe for my baby as I jog on uneven sidewalks and over Michigan’s epic potholes. Lower-priced models with similar suspension and durability usually don’t have a folding function.

Easy 1-Step Fold

Folding the Summit X3 only requires 1 hand. It’s the quickest and easiest thing to pack away among the other large-scale baby products I own (looking at you, Pack N’ Play).

Using Your Summit X3 Jogging Stroller

Readying your Summit X3 for use isn’t complicated and can be done quickly. It’s simply a matter of attaching the 3 wheels onto the jogger’s base.

From when you take it out of the box to its brief assembly, you’re ready to roll in 10 minutes.

How to Fold the Summit X3

To fold the Summit X3, pull the handle located in the center of the jogger’s seat upward. The mechanics do the rest—the 3 wheels cave in toward one another, the front wheel swivels sideways, and the undercarriage tucks away beneath the seat.

Make sure the front wheel is in swivel mode and not locked in place before you fold your Summit X3. Folding it while the front wheel is locked prevents it from compacting fully.

If you need to compact your Summit X3 further, you can easily remove the 2 back wheels. 

How to Convert the Summit X3 into a Travel System

To convert your Summit X3 into a travel system, you need to purchase car seat adaptors that correspond with the brand of your infant car seat. I used the Baby Jogger/Graco car seat adaptors for my Graco brand car seat.

  1. Insert each adaptor bracket into the correct mounting bracket on your jogging stroller (the mounting brackets are labeled “L” for left side and “R” for right side).
  2. You will hear an audible “click” when the adaptor brackets are properly secured.
  3. Place your infant car seat, with the front facing the handlebar, on top of your Summit X3, aligning the car seat with the adaptors.
  4. Press down on the seat until you hear it “click” into place.
  5. Give it a good shake to ensure it’s secure before placing baby inside.

Attaching my infant car seat to the Summit X3 took a few tries, but it became effortless with practice.

How to Adjust the Seat

Summit X3 Stroller with Seat Reclined

Reclining the seat

Pinch the clamp centered on the back of the seat directly behind the handlebar, and slide it down to desired reclining position.

Reverse steps to return it to an upright position.

The Summit X3’s seat can go from sitting upright to laying nearly flat, a godsend for jogging while your baby naps in the stroller.

A removable Velcro cover can also be undone to provide ventilation from the back.

Ventilation on the Summit X3 Pram

Adjusting the harness straps

There are 4 slits on the back of the Summit X3’s seat. Weave the harness straps through the one that is best for your baby’s height.

I admit, having to open the back of the jogger to eyeball which slit I need to thread the strap through is the most annoying thing about adjusting the harness height on the Summit X3.

Thankfully, modifying the harness length is much easier. Using the plastic bits on the strap, press upward with your thumb from the bottom of the clip. Pull down on the dangling outer strap (to tighten) or inner strap (to loosen).

Buckling the harness

The Summit X3 jogging stroller sports a 5-point harness to secure baby at the shoulders and hips with the main buckle resting between baby’s legs.

  1. Attach shoulder strap to corresponding side straps by aligning and inserting the plastic ends into one another (creates a crescent shape).
  2. Align the connected crescents with the center strap’s circular bit on the end and click the pieces into place.
  3. To unbuckle, press down on the center button where all the straps meet.

Removing the rear wheels

The rear wheels can be taken off quickly without needing any tools to do so. Press the little button or lever (depending on model) near where the wheel meets the frame to pop the wheel off.

There are no loose screws or bolts to keep track of. And popping the wheels back on is just as easy!

How to remove back wheel on Baby Jogger Summit X3 Pram

How to Lock the Fixed Front Wheel for Jogging

There are 2 ways to lock the front wheel on the Summit X3:

From handlebar

You can lock the front wheel on-the-go by pulling a lever located along the handlebar, on the right-hand side of the frame.

On my 2021 model, it’s a light grey lever you push down on to unlatch. Then pull toward the handlebar in order to lock it.

From front wheel

The Summit X3 swivel lock is located where the front wheel meets the jogging stroller. Pull the swivel lock downward and slide to the right. The lock will bolt into place when it’s properly secured. Spin the front wheel until it clicks into the locked-forward position.

Running with the Summit X3 Jogging Stroller

Bri Terry with her Summit X3 Jogging Stroller

The Summit X3 Jogging Stroller glides easily with little resistance thanks to those 3 large, air-filled tires. You’re still pushing a 28.5 lb product, so you can expect to work a little harder; but I’ve struggled more with shopping carts than I have with the Summit X3.

Learning how to run with any jogging stroller takes practice. You have to exert more energy to push the extra weight forward. Therefore, you get winded quicker and your average running pace slows. I wish I could say the Summit X3 has found a way to defy this truth, but that wouldn’t be realistic.

What is true is the Summit X3 is one of the best-rated strollers for jogging, and my experience with it on training runs and during marathons supports this claim.

How to run with the fixed front wheel

A fixed front wheel allows you to run at increased speeds without your jogging stroller wobbling or veering off-course. It makes running with the Summit X3 easier and borderline euphoric when you have the luxury of a straight pathway.

Summit Jogger Pram with Front Wheel Lock

How do I turn when the wheel is locked in place?

To take tight turns when the front wheel is locked, push down on the handlebar to lift the front wheel off the ground. Turn on the two back wheels. Stick the landing and continue on your way!

Where can you use the Summit X3?

Pavement provides the smoothest ride when running with the Summit X3. It is also one of the best-rated jogging strollers to take off-road. I’m not suggesting taking it on the Appalachian Trail, but you certainly aren’t limited to pavement.

I’ve found the off-road capability to work well on crushed limestone and packed dirt trails, where I can still maintain a running pace while pushing my daughter safely in her jogger.

Places I’ve taken my Summit X3 Jogging Stroller include:

  • Paved roads and sidewalks
  • Recreational trails
  • Light snowfall
  • Crushed limestone pathways
  • Packed dirt trails
  • Racing events
  • On grass
  • Fairs and festivals
  • Farmers markets

It’s not just the rubber tires that make the Summit X3 an awesome ride for you and baby. The maneuverability Baby Jogger instilled in this model makes it great for perusing at outdoor events, like craft fairs or farmers markets. 

Why do I need a handbrake?

The handbrake on the Summit X3 Jogging Stroller, located on the right side of the handlebar, is a safety feature that lets you to control your jogger’s speed while cruising along.

I use mine when going downhill because that 28.5 lb jogger plus the weight of a baby can accelerate and take your grip by surprise.

Recommended Accessories for the Summit X3 Stroller

Baby Jogger Summit X3 parent console rear bag

Parent Console

This handy bag is a game changer for stroller running as all your essentials can be stowed in easy reach.

Car seat adaptors for the Summit X3 pram

Car seat adaptors

These adaptors allow you to attach your capsule directly to your jogging stroller frame.

Snack tray for Baby Jogger Summit X3 Stroller

Child snack tray

A snack tray helps to keep your toddler happy while you run with a space to store their drink, food or small toys.

Jogging Stroller Pram air pump for tyres

Small air pump

Keep this handy pump on your stroller, and you will never be caught out with a flat tire.  It’s also super easy to use.

Bike lock for jogging stroller

Bike lock

Taking a bike lock is perfect if you want to lock up your jogging stroller while you and your kid walk around freely.

I’m a bit of a minimalist when it comes to add-ons, so I didn’t get anything that I didn’t feel I or my baby absolutely needed—snacks can be eaten without a snack tray and you can use a regular bike bump to inflate the Summit X3’s tires.

I find the stroller caddy to be the most valuable add-on and recommend it to anyone who gets the Summit X3. It has 2 cup holders and a large storage pouch that holds my phone, keys, gloves, the sunglasses and hat I can’t convince my daughter to wear, and more. There are also 2 mesh pockets on the caddy’s interior and exterior.

Bri Terry Running with daughter in a Jogging Stroller

Final Thoughts on the Summit X3 Jogging Stroller

Although BOB and Thule brands are the Internet’s favorite when recommending the best stroller for running, the Summit X3 deserves its spot in the top 3. In my opinion, it surpasses BOB and Thule as an all-in-one stroller for running and everyday use.

If you’d to check out more of our recommended stroller reviews, check out our review of Thule Chariot Sport!

What keeps me satisfied with the Summit X3 Jogging Stroller is its:

  • Capability as a running stroller and everyday stroller.
  • Affordable price compared to other models with similar ratings.
  • Durability.
  • Maneuverability and ease of use.
  • Roomy storage and pockets.

It also helps that my daughter is genuinely excited for her “jogger ride!” whenever we go out. And, with the Summit X3’s 75 lb weight capacity, we have several years ahead of us to enjoy these jogger rides together.

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