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Review of the Cadenshae Nursing Sports Bra Ultimate

Model wearing Cadenshae ultimate bra

During my pregnancy with my first child, like many mothers I suddenly didn’t fit anything! I have always had a larger bust and not having a running sports bra that fit was a nightmare.

I ended up wearing an old sports singlet with a built-in shelf bra, but this made me feel pretty saggy and not to mention sweaty because I had no separation and felt pretty squished.

I am lucky and keep pretty well and active during pregnancy. I wanted to keep running but found it a real challenge not having a bra that would actually do up, or otherwise dig in and chafe for the whole run.

I tried various brands of bras out there and nothing seemed to work.

Towards the end of my first pregnancy, I finally stumbled across Cadenshae.

Cadenshae’s Ultimate Sports Bra was a complete lifesaver to me. It has been my daily bra to wear for everything: everyday, running, cycling and swimming.

It took a few goes for me to find the correct fit, however they are very good with their returns policy.

Three striped Cadenshae nursing sports bras

I found the Cadenshae Ultimate Bra had enough stretch to accommodate for the hormonal changes in breasts from pregnancy to postpartum and feeding.

They are supplied with a band extender which does come in handy, especially for the first few days after birth as your milk supply comes in and breasts adjust. I did however find the band extender was a bit itching or annoying. I’m still not sure why this was, whether it was just mine that had funny stitching or whether the clips were poking out. It didn’t matter for me because I didn’t need to use it for long.

The pop-clip for nursing is easy to use and can be clipped on and off one-handed. This makes breast feeding easier as you can hold your baby in one hand, and release your bra cup with your other hand.

Cadenshae recommends hand washing your sports bras. To be honest, as a busy mom I really haven’t had time for this and throw them in the wash in a wash bag. I do always dry them inside, never in the sun. I have found over time the padding seems to shrink and they need to be stretched or pulled out again after washing. This doesn’t bother me, though over time they definitely have changed shape slightly compared to when brand new.

They have just started to smell (like most sports gear eventually does) regardless of washing, but this is after two years of continual use and machine washing. It is definitely time to upgrade and I will be buying the same ultimate bra again.


  • Simple design
  • Adjustable straps
  • Comfortable enough for exercise and all-day use
  • Comes with band extender


  • Handwash recommended
  • Adjustable straps do tend to move over time, but keep an eye on this and you can adjust back accordingly

Would I recommend the Cadenshae Ultimate bra for running?

The short answer, yes I would. However, I do think for larger busted runners, this alone may not be enough. Personally I wear the Ultimate sports bra with a thick, supportive sports singlet. That is a personal preference for me as I do not appreciate any bounce when running.

For smaller mothers, the Cadenshae Ultimate bra may be enough support for running.

I think for the money, this is definitely a worthwhile investment to make. The nursing bras do often come on sale, so keep an eye out!

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