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Jogging Stroller vs Regular Stroller: Your Ultimate Guide!

Whether you’re preparing for baby’s arrival or preparing to resurrect some form of fitness after giving birth, questioning which are the best strollers for jogging already puts you among a unique breed of moms. Welcome! We’re happy to have you!

A running stroller unquestionably earns its worth for moms who want to get back into running postpartum. It allows you to merge your special mommy-baby bonding time with outdoor exercise.

Running with kids in jogging stroller

You can drown in open tabs and bookmarked websites when figuring out which type of jogger to get (when I was pregnant, I spent more time researching joggers than cribs!). Here are some things to know to help with your search:

Travel System + Infant Car Seat

A travel system lets you lock an infant car seat onto your jogger so you can run with your baby as soon as your doctor says it’s okay. If you want to transfer your infant car seat to your jogging stroller, make sure it has a travel system. It’s unsafe to run with your baby in the jogger seat until they are at least 6 months old. 

Save by Buying Secondhand

The best jogging strollers range from $350 to over $1,000. However, you can find used brand-name joggers in great condition for a fraction of the price on Facebook Marketplace or other secondhand sources. Just make sure you can see and test it in person before you buy.

Suspension and Shock Absorption

Suspension and the ability to absorb shock from bumps and uneven terrain are what keeps the ride smooth and keeps baby from being dangerously jerked around in your running stroller. Avoid any stroller that has “poor suspension” listed in its cons.

Buckle in and keep reading for first-hand input on running stroller vs jogger. 


What is a Jogging Stroller?

A jogging stroller (also called jogger, running stroller, or baby jogger) is a stroller designed to push your little bundle safely and comfortably at a running pace (about 4.5+ miles per hour).

How is a Jogging Stroller Different from a Regular Stroller?

Running strollers are equipped with 3 air-filled tires. These advanced wheels handle a variety of terrain and do the important job of keeping baby stable while you run.

Aside from offering a smooth ride over tricky terrain, a jogging stroller comes with features that aren’t found on a regular stroller. 

What Joggers Have That Strollers Don’t

  • Handbrake to control speed when going downhill.
  • Built-in suspension systems to absorb shock and maintain a stable ride at increased speeds.
  • Easy, one-handed maneuverability over bumps, curbs, dirt, dropped toys, and around corners.
  • Durable tires that glide over rugged terrain.
  • Lock-in-place front wheel to prevent veering off course.

That being said, there are things you want to consider when comparing the two. Running strollers tend to be heavier and more bulky than their small, 4-wheeled counterparts. 

Still, jogger-folding technology has come a long way since the days running strollers were as travel-friendly as an armchair. The best strollers for jogging will fold and pack for easy transport, whether you’re going to the grocery store or the Canyonlands.

Can You Jog with a Regular Stroller?

No, you cannot jog with a regular stroller. It threatens your baby’s comfort and safety with a dangerously jerky ride and a top-heavy frame, and you don’t get as much out of your runs as you would with a jogging stroller.

Running with a regular stroller is like running with a shopping cart. Imagine pushing one of those over anything that isn’t slick tile floor. Conventional strollers aren’t built with suspension systems to absorb the bumps and jolts encountered on your routes. They also lack handbrakes, air-filled tires, and are harder to maneuver the faster you go. 

Never run with a regular stroller.

How Do Busy Moms Work Out with a Jogging Stroller?

How soon you can return to running postpartum relies on several factors. In regards to your running stroller, it depends on whether or not you’re using a travel system that lets you lock your infant car seat onto your jogger’s frame. 

If you’re not using a travel system, you need to wait to run with your baby in your jogger until they are at least 6 months old and can independently keep their head from rolling off their shoulders.

Before working out with a jogging stroller, adjust your expectations for yourself and running. Expect:

  • Slower runs.
  • Feeling awkward.
  • Running shorter distances. 

Once you get an idea of your baby’s feeding and eating patterns, you can plan your workouts around that schedule. Eventually, you’ll work your way up from short walk-run intervals to longer runs with the added resistance of pushing your ever-growing medicine ball of a baby in a 28 lb stroller.

Quick Tips for Jogger Running

What are the Types of Jogging Strollers?

Like all baby products, there is an overwhelming amount of joggers to choose from. The first step is to determine which jogger style best fits your lifestyle:

Stroller Style

Most running strollers you see are of this type; upright, 3 wheels, undercarriage, handlebar, and canopy. A jogging stroller looks like the sporty version of a regular stroller and works well as an everyday stroller.

Runner-approved Favorites

  • Baby Jogger Summit X3 Jogging Stroller 
  • BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller (also comes in a double stroller)
  • Thule Urban Glide 2 Jogging Stroller

Chariot Style

Chariots have room for 2 kids (about 99 lb/45 kg), and work as a stroller and bike trailer for multi-sport adventures (even cross-country skiing!). This style is equipped for all-weather running because the kids ride safely in an enclosure.

Runner-approved Favorites

  • Thule Chariot Cross Multisport Trailer & Stroller
  • Thule Sport Chariot 2 (check out our review here!)
  • Cybex Zeno Multisport Trailer

Double Stroller

Double jogging strollers look like single-seat joggers with side-by-side seating to accommodate 2 kids at a time. Because you are running with more weight (both in kids and jogger), look for a double jogger that is lightweight and easy to steer.

Runner-approved Favorites:

  • Thule Urban Glide 2 Double Jogging Stroller
  • BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Double Jogging Stroller
  • Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double Stroller
Taking the Thule Chariot to the beach

Can You Use a Jogging Stroller for Everyday?

Yes! When it comes to jogger vs stroller, you’re not sacrificing anything you’d get out of a regular stroller when you get a jogger. Knowing what features to look for that accommodate your everyday as well as your workouts is the key to finding a running stroller that supports both.


A roomy undercarriage that can hold a diaper bag, groceries, toys, blankets, and whatever else you’d need for a baby’s day out. Consider adding an easy-access caddy that attaches to the handlebar to store your phone, keys, and water bottle.


Folding a jogger should not take as much effort as it takes to pack a tent away. Look for features along the lines of “fast fold” and “easy fold.” You’ll also want to ensure it fits into your car.


Look for joggers you can steer with one hand because there are countless times in motherhood where one hand is all you have.


A large canopy protects baby from the sun when she refuses to wear the cute sunglasses you bought her. It will also shield baby from harsh weather and create a private space for naptime.

Travel System Compatible

Jogging strollers by themselves aren’t safe to use regularly until baby is 6 months old. If you want to run before then, get a travel system compatible jogger.

Are Jogging Strollers Worth It?

How important is running to you? If running is part of your identity and you’re eager to get back to it now that a baby isn’t crowding your lungs and bladder, then yes. Jogging strollers are absolutely worth it!

Get a Jogging Stroller If...

  • You intend to get back into running after giving birth.
  • Want to push your baby on trails or other off-road paths.
  • You love to run!

Stick with a Regular Stroller If...

  • You don’t plan to run with baby in a stroller.
  • You only use your stroller for steady transportation, like trips to the grocery store, park, or museum.


Your Workouts Are Worth It!

We’re not going to pretend motherhood doesn’t zap the time and energy you have to devote to self care, but you owe it to yourself to make time for your workouts. Jogging strollers give you the ability to go on runs with your new baby, safely snuggled in the seat and exposed to the benefits of fresh air and exercise. 

You go, mama! 

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