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Documenting Fitness Milestones For New Parents: A New Mom’s Journey Through Lens And Fitness

Hey there, new moms and dads! Life sure does a 180 when you bring your bundle of joy home. That gym routine you loved? Suddenly, it’s all about swaddling, late-night feeds, and trying to sync your zzz’s with those of your little one.

But let me tell you, as someone who has navigated this beautiful chaos—you don’t have to hit the pause button to stay active just because there’s a tiny new addition to your crew.

As a devoted baby photographer in Sydney and someone who’s been through the post-baby fitness journey, I get it. 

Those first months can feel like an endurance sport all their own! But it’s also this fantastic period filled with milestones begging to be celebrated, not just for the baby but for you as you rediscover your strength.

This blog post will spill some of my favorite tips for sneaking workouts back into the whirlwind of early parenthood without sacrificing snuggle time. And wait until we talk about capturing that progress with a bit of photographic flair—it’s truly something special.

We’re covering it all, from mini victories worth cheering about to finding creative ways like incorporating playful “baby-and-me” exercises—yep, burpees can include giggles.

So, if you’re ready to blend fitness aspirations with celebrating each step in parenting—and capturing unforgettable memories along the way—let’s take this extraordinary leap together!

Key Takeaways

  • Set clear, achievable fitness goals using the SMART method to stay on track as a new parent.
  • Include your baby in workouts for fun bonding time and celebrate small wins together.
  • Track your progress with photos to see how far you’ve come and motivate yourself on tough days.
  • Find support from friends, family, or online groups who understand what you’re going through.
  • Use apps or plan to find time for exercise, even if it means getting up earlier or exercising while the baby is napping.

The Importance of Documenting Fitness Milestones

We’ve all heard that capturing baby’s firsts is a must – those toothless grins and tiny toe wiggles are precious. But what about *our* milestones in this crazy journey of motherhood and fitness? 

Snapping pictures as we conquer each squat or celebrate fitting back into our pre-pregnancy jeans can give us the boost we need to keep moving.

It’s not just about weight loss or muscle gain; it’s about embracing each step of progress, big or small, on this wild ride – because every mom win deserves its spotlight! 🏋️‍♀️✨📸

Mom jogging with baby in stroller

Setting SMART Goals

SMART goals can help us new parents keep on track with our fitness. Let’s say you’re like me, and just looking at a pair of sneakers makes you want to nap! We must set Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound goals.

For example – rather than saying, “I’ll get fit,” we could say, “I’ll do a 15-minute workout three times a week.” It’s way easier to stick with something when it’s crystal clear what you’re aiming for.

Fitting into those jeans from before the baby arrived could be your goal, or maybe just being able to chase after your little tyke without getting winded so quickly. 

Whatever it is, write it down! Grab one of those unused scrapbooks or even just jot it on your phone’s notepad (the one between thousands of cute baby pictures).

This isn’t about anybody else; it’s personal—your journey. Aiming for these small victories motivates us and celebrates each step in our fitness milestones as new moms and dads.

Schedule of weekly fitness planner for postpartum exercise

Creating a Plan

I’m on a mission to get fit after having my little one, and guess what? You can, too. Let’s talk about making a plan that sticks.

  1. Set Clear Fitness Milestones: Decide on key fitness goals you want to reach. Think about where you want your strength or stamina to be in the next few months.
  2. Schedule Workout Times: Look at your week and pick times for exercise. Early mornings or nap times work great!
  3. Think Baby Steps (Literally): Start with short workouts and build up from there. Your body just did a fantastic thing; it needs time to adjust.
  4. Include Your Baby: Plan ways to keep your baby close during exercise. Stroller fitness is cute and motivates you to move!
  5. Mix It Up: Try different workouts to stay energized. Dance one day, walk the next.
  6. Marie Ramos Photography: Book a session with Marie Ramos Photography when you hit a big goal! It’ll feel amazing seeing how far you’ve come.
  7. Track Your Progress: Write down what you do daily or use an app. Seeing your achievements on paper is super rewarding.
  8. Choose Convenient Tools: Keep things like wearables or apps handy for quick checks on how you’re doing.
  9. Plan for Setbacks: Some days won’t go as planned – that’s okay! Adjust your schedule and keep going.
  10. Celebrate Small Wins: Got through a workout without stopping? High five! Celebrate all victories; they add up.
Busy mom exercising and giving son high five

Tracking Progress

I grab my camera and click away, capturing every lunge and lift. It’s not just about the weight I’m losing; it’s about the strength I’m gaining.

Each snapshot proves my journey — a visual diary showing where I’ve started and how far I’ve come.

Pictures are powerful; they remind me on tough days why I started this path in the first place.

Keeping track of fitness milestones is like making marks on a growth chart – it fills you with pride to see your progress. And sometimes, during nap times or late at night, I scroll through these photos and can’t help but smile.

Tips for Staying Motivated

Alright, here’s the deal – staying motivated as a new parent while trying to get back in shape? It’s like trying to fold a fitted sheet neatly—it seems impossible at first. 

But trust me (and I’m speaking from experience), with suitable cheerleaders in your corner and some mom-and-baby teamwork, you’ll be surprised how those fitness milestones start stacking up!

crossfit mom posing with her children in a cross fit gym

Find a Support System

Finding people who get what you’re going through can make a huge difference. That’s where a support system comes in handy. It could be your partner, friends who are also new parents, or family members eager to cheer you on.

They lift you when the going gets tough and celebrate with you during those fitness wins—no matter how small.

Remember, there’s a whole world online too! Groups and forums are filled with folks walking the same path as you. Share your highs and lows, and swap stories about managing baby naps and workouts; this is where bonds form over shared struggles and triumphs.

Let’s talk about making fitness fun by bringing your baby into it.

mom with her son during yoga in the park

Incorporate Baby Into Workouts

Let’s talk workouts with your little one in tow. Yeah, that’s right – you can make exercise a bonding time with your baby! 

Picture this: you’re doing squats, and each time you dip down, there’s that adorable giggle from the tiny human strapped to your chest.

It turns up the fun, and who knew? Your munchkin becomes a part of your fitness milestones.

So here’s how I keep it fresh with my bundle of joy along for the ride. Lunges across the living room while making funny faces or dancing around to some peppy tunes make us both laugh! 

And let me tell you, those baby snuggles after a good workout are like a high-five for our health.

Plus, snapping photos during these moments? Priceless memories in the making!

If you find your stroller runs in need of a little spice, check out our article on incorporating interval training with a jogging stroller.

pregnant mom using laptop for virtual workout exercise

Try Virtual Workouts

Working out at home can be fun with virtual workouts. You can find all kinds of exercise videos online. Some are short; some are long. Choose what fits your day! I love not having to leave my baby or rush to a gym.

Sometimes, when the little one naps, I sneak in a quick yoga video or dance around the living room.

Getting fit doesn’t mean you miss out on family time, either. Invite your partner or friends to join you for an online workout challenge! It’s like having your trainer without stepping outside.

And guess what? You might start looking forward to these sweat sessions as ‘me time.’ It feels excellent ticking off those fitness milestones right from your living room!

How to Find Time for Exercise as a New Parent

Finding time to exercise as a new parent might feel like searching for a lost pacifier in a diaper bag—but, hey, if I can do it amidst the chaos of baby routines and sleepless nights, so can you. Let’s dive into turning those elusive moments into golden opportunities for health.

baby inside a baby container while mom exercises

Incorporate Baby Containers

So you’re a new parent, and finding time to work out seems like searching for a lost sock—almost impossible, right? Well, let me tell you about a neat trick: baby containers. You can use playpens or sturdy cribs while doing your squats and sit-ups.

Your little one is safe and entertained watching you jump around while you get those fitness milestones checked off. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone!

Hold on—it gets better! Set up the baby container nearby during your physical therapy exercises or high-intensity training.

Watching Mom or Dad might just encourage your kiddo’s physical development.

Plus, it gives them space to wiggle their knees and hips without the risk of getting underfoot—a win-win for everyone!

Keep that camera ready because these moments are precious and snap-worthy, too!

Remember, Marie Ramos Photography loves capturing these growing-up-fast times; they’re experts in making memories that last forever.

mom with baby in harness during home workout

Utilize Babywearing for Tummy Time

I’ve got this great trick to share with you! Babywearing isn’t just cozy; it’s a secret weapon for sneaking in some tummy time. And let’s be honest — we all know how tricky it can be to fit that into a jam-packed day.

So, here’s the scoop: while wearing your little one, they’re working their teeny muscles. It’s not the same as traditional tummy time on the floor, but it counts because your baby uses those important core muscles to hold their head up.

Don’t get me wrong – regular tummy time is also super important. It helps babies hit those significant milestones (think rolling over and crawling). But life gets wild with a new kiddo around.

There are days when you can barely snag a moment for yourself, let alone set aside dedicated baby gym hours. So when those days hit you like a freight train.. strap on that carrier and do your thing! You’ll multitask like a pro – cuddling your cutie pie while giving them a mini workout session.

Plus, see how much fun they’re having. Those giggles tell you everything — this is working out for both of us! 

Next up on our fitness journey together: becoming early birds and making mornings our go-to workout window… Let’s see how that goes!

mom on a morning run before her kids wake

Becoming a Morning Person

I know waking up early can be challenging. But guess what? It’s some kind of magic for us new parents. I tried tips and became a morning person—the best decision ever! 

Those quiet hours before my little one wakes up are gold.

It’s the perfect time to get moving and focus on me.

So, here’s what worked: set that alarm 30 minutes earlier each day—not all at once, but slowly over a week or two. That way, it wasn’t such a shock to my system. Then, create an irresistible morning routine; maybe it’s your favorite workout video or just stretching to music that makes you happy.

Make sure everything is ready the night before so there’s no fuss in the morning—lay out clothes, fill water bottles, charge headphones—and boom! You’re ready to enjoy self-care without taking away from family moments during the day.

moms in the park exercising together with their babies in strollers

Collaborative Care for New Parents and Their Babies

Let me just say the moment you and your tiny tot embark on this fitness journey together. It’s nothing short of a tag-team championship. And here’s where it gets real good – when we start weaving in that collaborative care.

Think about it – with every giggle during tummy time or each baby-lunged squat, you’re not just hitting those personal bests but also tuning into your little one’s development milestones (without the need for endless Googling).

We’re talking a team-up with health pros from pediatricians to physical therapists who genuinely get this parenting-fitness mashup. So let’s dive in because it’s all about syncing up for that win-win!


Alright, you’ve learned a lot about how new parents can keep track of their fitness. Setting goals and making plans can help.

Remember to stay motivated! Finding friends who support you and include your little one in your exercise is crucial.

Finding time for workouts might seem challenging, but it’s possible. Try working out while the baby is safe in their seat or when they’re napping. Morning routines are great too!

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