The 20 Best Stroller Toys For Toddlers

Toddlers are in one of the most crucial stages of child development. That’s why they are often restless and constantly need interaction with their environments. When the change of scenery doesn’t keep baby happy in the stroller, toys can come to the rescue!

The best stroller toys provide an outlet for extra energy while encouraging learning. Why is that? It’s because toddlers learn through play.

But how can you choose the right stroller toy for your little one?

Don’t worry! Our list contains the ideal stroller toys for any toddler! Read on for the best toys based on the type of toy and your toddler’s age group.

windmill stroller toy for toddlers

Keeping My Baby Entertained in the Stroller

But first, there are other ways to keep your toddler entertained in the stroller.

While packing the best snacks for toddlers in a stroller is non-negotiable, games are always a tried and true method for making a stroller walk more fun.

For example, a few rounds of I Spy is one of my favorites. It promotes problem-solving and observation skills. You can always start with easy prompts like, “I spy something flying.” And go up in difficulty as your child matures.

Another one I like is identifying nature and animal sounds while in the park. I get inspiration from the many animals we encounter during our walk. For example, “What is that animal that says honk?” It makes for a pretty funny impersonation game between me and my baby while improving association skills.

For younger toddlers, I recommend just a simple game of identifying new things like plants and things to improve vocabulary. It’s straightforward yet effective enough to help them explore the world.

Unfortunately, there are times when toddlers aren’t entertained at all, no matter what game you try. I know this because my baby resorts to screaming and attempting to get out of her stroller when this happens!

When this happens, I turn to my trusty stroller toys to keep her company.

babies with blankets and tactile stroller toy for toddlers
We usually stuff our Thule Chariot Stroller with piles of toys to help the kids pass the time!

Why You Need Pram Toys

Not all toys are made equal. When you’re out on a stroller walk, you may think the newest toy may be good enough.

News flash, if you want to save them from impending doom, don’t bring them. Your toddler may throw these toys, and you know what happens if their new toy gets damaged. Save yourself the stress and bring your specialized stroller toys instead.

So what kind of toys should you bring? The best stroller toys are those that can be attached to the stroller. Pram or stroller toys are made so they can’t be thrown out of the carriage.

The best pram toys are developmentally appropriate.

Newborns can benefit more from toys made with contrasting colors and different textures. Some even have interesting lights and sounds that will keep your baby stimulated.

There are pram toys that are more puzzle-like or have interactive elements, which are great for older toddlers. These can improve their motor and problem-solving skills and foster faster cognitive growth.

Top 24 Stroller Toys – Listed by Age Group!

You might think it’s easy to shop for toys for toddlers. But clearly, there are many things you have to keep in mind. Just because a toy is shiny and expensive doesn’t mean it’s good for your little one.

From activity books to reusable drawing boards that keep your children entertained, the following stroller toys are a must for parents who want peace of mind while strolling with their babies.

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Best Pram Toys For Babies Under 6 Months

When your little one is still tiny, they’re all about exploring textures and enjoying high-contrast colors. These pram toys are perfect for their curious little hands and eyes, providing just the right amount of sensory stimulation for their age.

lamaze firefly stroller toy for toddlers

Lamaze Freddie the Firefly Stroller Toy

Get this colorful stroller toy which features a clip that hooks onto your stroller, carrier, or diaper bag. My toddler loved this toy the first time he saw it. 


Round Bead Necklace

This beady necklace is just the perfect colorful plaything you can attach to your baby’s stroller.

How to keep toys attached to a jogging stroller
We used bead chains with my youngest daughter to tie random toys to the stroller.
whose feet activity book stroller toy for toddlers

Melissa & Doug Soft Activity Baby Book - Whose Feet?

For babies obsessed with books, this soft activity baby book will entertain your little one during long walks.

Discovery Toys BOOMERING Links

Don’t forget your trusty boomerings! This handy little item can be used as a rattle and attach small toys to the baby’s stroller. This pack of  24-piece flexible Boomerings are so colorful and can be used beyond the stroller. 

Best Stroller Toys for 1-Year-Olds

Once your baby hits the 1-year mark, they’re ready for more interactive fun! These stroller toys are designed to keep them engaged and entertained, sparking their imagination and curiosity as they discover the world around them during stroller rides.

Toy Phones

You know how some babies love to imitate their parents! This is why they love to snatch phones in our hands. They’re just naturally curious. The JOYIN is a smaller version that fits their baby hands. Plus, it’s adorable!

handheld mirror stroller toy for toddlers

Handheld Mirror

This set of 4 handheld mirrors are non-glass and shatterproof! Toddlers can easily develop facial recognition and motor skills thanks to a face outline and write-and-wipe surface.

Fidget Spinners

These small, easy-to-carry toys are a must-have toy for any 1-year-old. Speaking from experience, this toy has been my child’s favorite! You can attach them to the stroller with a shoelace or a piece of string.

Board Books

Board books are one of the best tools for introducing concepts to a toddler. From new words to colors, you can point out real world equivalents while out on your walk! What better option than this classic?

Best Stroller Toys for Toddlers

Toddlers are full of energy and curiosity, and these stroller toys are here to match their enthusiasm! From interactive gadgets to toys that encourage active play, our tried and tested picks are sure to keep your little explorer happy and engaged during stroller adventures.


These toys can be on the expensive side, but they can be a great idea for toddlers who love to listen to audiobooks. Being able to listen to their favorite music while they’re on a casual walk in the park is a delightful experience. 

kiddie binoculars stroller toy for toddlers

Kiddie Binoculars

If your toddler is an animal or nature lover, this toy is perfect. With these binoculars, you can encourage your young one to look at birds and distant scenery. This allows your kid to enjoy the daily walks better while honing their STEM skills.

Bubble Gun

Who doesn’t like bubbles? This fun and automatic bubble gun will surely entertain your kid while in the stroller. Bonus – put other runners in a good mood by showering them with bubbles as they run past!

reusable drawing board stroller toy for toddlers

Reusable Drawing Board

Raise an artist with this creative toy. You can ask them to draw the things they see while strolling.

small torch stroller toy for toddlers

Small Torch

A small torch may be one of the most exciting items you can place in a toddler’s hands. This whimsical buggy torch is a sturdy and fun accessory perfect for your early evening walks.


This reflective pinwheel can spice up your walks with a light show! Attach it to your stroller or let your little one hold it. They’ll be entertained in no time!

mini fan stroller toy for toddlers

Electric Fan

This handy fan is perfect for hot summer days! If you’re worried about safety, don’t worry. It uses soft foam blades that won’t hurt those quick toddler fingers.  If you’re looking for something durable, portable, and battery-powered, this handheld fan is a must-have!

Best Stroller Toys For Older Children

As kids grow older, they may be a little harder to occupy when out in the stroller. This selection is what we’ve found to work with our three-nagers and monster four-year-olds. When there’s the will to get a stroller run done, us mamas are going to find a way!

Screen related activities

lightup windmill stroller toy for toddlers

Light Up Windmill

This sensory toy is a step up from your usual pinwheel toy. The lights create a visual illusion that will entertain not only the kids but the adults in the park too!


This is a controversial take but iPads (and tablets) are one of the best tools for entertaining your toddlers. Of course, screen times and content type should always be monitored.

But think about all the educational content kids have access to these days! Children can hone their drawing skills and play learning games on Lingokids without having to buy additional tools.

I believe it’s all about regulation while making use of technology that’s available to us.

ABC Kids

ABC Kids, along with other kid-friendly media forms, have many learning activities to help toddlers grow. Kids can learn through games, songs, letter tracing worksheets, and even crafts. 

You can access their content through an app, a website, a YouTube channel, and the ol’ reliable television!

Reading Eggs App

This award-winning app uses songs, interactive game elements, and animations to teach toddlers how to read. Kids can even get golden eggs as a reward for finishing lessons and exercises!

You can access the app here!


Favorite Cars (boy)

Mechanical toys like toy cars promote motor skills best. Interactive elements, such as the wheels, help develop a basic understanding of STEM concepts.

Cars are also open-ended toys that promote  creativity. Plus, kids always get so excited when they see the real-life equivalents of their toy cars!

Favorite Dolls (girl)

If you think about it, a doll aids in reinforcing language skills! It is also one of the best toys that fosters imagination.

It’s a very versatile toy one that can be used to instill empathy and promote self-expression in a child. Your toddler may even act out social interactions they see while on a stroller walk.

A Bag of Toys

Let’s face it, sometimes your baby just can’t choose one toy to bring. In this case, let your child pick a small bag of toys and books they’d like to take. With as many options as they like, you won’t run out of entertainment while out on your walk.

Thule Chariot Sport Stroller Beside a Park
The Thule Chariot Sport Stroller is spacious enough for all your toddler's favorite toys.

Thinking About Safety When Choosing Toys

When shopping for the best stroller toys, always consider the safety of the toy. Most toys have labels that indicate whether they’re appropriate for your child’s age.

Don’t get easily breakable toys that can split into sharp parts. Speaking of parts, always inspect toys to ensure they don’t have parts that can be easily dislodged, such as buttons and wheels.

Make sure that the toy uses nontoxic lead-free paint.

Another thing to consider is your child’s temperament and behavior around toys. Some kids are naturally a lot more careless when it comes to toys. So, it’s best to get more durable toys while teaching them the value of taking care of their toys.

Toddler and Baby in the thule chariot sport stroller
One thing is certain, no matter which toy you choose, your toddler will enjoy the bonding opportunity it provides for the two of you.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, these tips will help you take the guesswork out of finding the best stroller toys for your beloved babies. The bottom line is to consider your child’s age and interest when picking a pram toy.

And if you’re a parent struggling with your kid’s behavior in the stroller, don’t worry. Strolling with your baby to the park doesn’t have to be a horrible experience.

With pram toys made for strollers, you can ensure your babies are entertained when bored. Remember, as parents, it’s our job to let them learn about the world they see through their own eyes.  

One last thing! If the toys don’t work, check if your baby is hungry or cold. If it’s the latter, you should check out how I make sure my baby is warm in the stroller.

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