Out There Mothers

The Story of Out There Mothers

Out There Mothers was Founded to Empower Women to 'Get Out There' Again

Our aim is to help women:

  • Find time to exercise after having a baby
  • Actually enjoy postpartum exercise
  • Reach fitness goals and run those 5km, 10 km and marathon distances (we know you can!)
  • Feel confident with your body

Meet The Team

Charli Rohn Out There Mothers

Charli Rohn

Founder of Out There Mothers

Hello and welcome to Out There Mothers! I’m Charli and I’m slightly obsessed with finding ways to get active with our two kids, Jack & Claudia. Before kids, I was a downhill mountain biking geek and road cycling buff. I turned to running as a way to keep exercising and take the kids out, and found it was a great way to connect with other parents while exercising.

Out There Mothers was formed after the simple frustration of not being able to find a sports bra that properly fit my larger self, and that I could wear for both nursing and running. I enjoyed breast feeding my kids and was fortunate enough to be able to do this until they were about 14 months. That’s a fair few weeks of exercise and nursing!

Along the way I also experienced frustrations with inadequate running gear, especially running strollers and sports shoes. Of course, we also had some really good experiences with gear, like our favourite Kathmandu backpack carrier for hikes, and the Thule Chariot Multisport trailer that we used (or thrashed!) for jogging.

I wanted to share these experiences with other moms out there. I figured if I could contain my experiences all in one place, I could save other moms money if they didn’t make the same mistakes as we did!

Out There Mothers was created for other active parents like myself and my husband who are looking for honest, genuine reviews on the gear available to make life easier while exercising with kids.

I hope you find the site interesting, helpful and motivating. Please feel free to send me a message if you have any comments, questions or suggestions!

Kids in the Thule Coaster Trailer for bike
Claudia pushing the Mountain Buggy Stroller after a run

Meet our Authors and Contributors

At our core, we are all parents and athletes ourselves – all our writers and contributors are mothers, certified physiotherapists, trainers or distance runners.  

Chelsea Light Out There Mothers

Chelsea Light

Runner and Mom

Chelsea is an avid runner who also happens to like writing and photography. Becoming a mom didn’t change her love for running, but rather solidified it as a daily necessity. She is usually pounding the pavement in the early hours before her two girls wake up, or pushing them along in a jogging stroller. She lives in Australia and loves running and hiking around the many amazing beach trails on the east coast with her family.

Bri Terry with her daughter after completing her first postpartum marathon

Bri Terry

Writer, Mom and Marathoner

Bri is a new mom who is unrecognizable when she’s not pushing her daughter in a jogging stroller, according to her neighbors. She ran her first marathon in 2016, and hasn’t been able to stop running marathons since. You can find her pacing the Grand Rapids Marathon, every October, with her brother and way too much enthusiasm.

Ember Magalit - Out There Mothers

Dr France Ember Magalit


Ember is a writer focusing on medical and fitness topics. She likes to work out, do activities under the sun, walk and read. She is passionate about promoting a lifestyle prioritizing physical and mental well-being as the foundation for a life well-lived. Through her writing, she aims to empower individuals by providing practical advice, insights, and knowledge that inspires them to make positive choices and embrace the incredible benefits of holistic well-being.

Jaslyn Hendriks Out There Mothers

Jaslyn Hendriks

Mom & Ultrarunner

Meet Jaslyn, the ultimate mom and ultra runner! When she’s not busy being a superhero mom to her little ones, you can find her crushing miles on the trails.
Jaslyn started running in college to stay active and healthy, but soon discovered her love for pushing her limits and going the extra mile (or 50!). She’s competed in some of the most grueling ultra races, tackling steep mountain terrain and powering through the toughest challenges.
Despite the demands of motherhood and training, Jaslyn never loses her positive attitude and infectious energy. 
If you see Jaslyn on the trails, don’t be shy – give her a high five and ask her for tips on balancing motherhood and running. She’s always happy to share her wisdom and inspire others to chase their dreams.

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